Happy New Year Everyone!

Just thought I’d spend a few minutes to cap up the year that was 2014 and thank everyone for supporting us this year.  At the beginning of this year we released our debut EP, Flowers from the Stars which we were really excited about.

Initially we were going to move on quickly and start making new music but upon listening to what we created I realized our EP deserved some solid promo time and effort.  Having never done a lot of it before, and with lots to learn, props have to go to our friend Dutch Guy (http://dutchguy.tv) who helped me along the way and sent me a bunch of people to contact.  In the end our music from Flowers from the Stars was featured on over 40 blogs, podcasts and radio (online and FM) this year.  A big accomplishment indeed!

One of the songs from our EP, “Hearts Expire” which was licensed to Degrassi-Next Generation was also chosen for use in Flare Magazine’s Songza’s “Songs of Summer” playlist.  We were included with a bunch of bands I really love so it was a great honour.

The first new music we created this year was a cover of one of our favourite Depeche Mode songs, “But Not tonight”.  It was added to a bunch of SoundCloud playlists and we just got word that it’s going to be released soon on a Depeche Mode cover album.

We also began writing new music in the spring and are just finishing what will be our second EP which will be called Prophecies.  There’s going to be a bunch of new music on it and we’re very excited about it being released.  Here’s the final track list:

01 Under the Sun

02 Someone Like You

03 But Not Tonight

04 Magic Takes the Form of You and I

05 On and On

06 Magic Takes the Form of You and I (Tep No Remix)


Thanks again for listening and supporting us everyone.  We’ve had so much help and made a lot of friends along the way.  Here’s to an incredible 2015.


– Ashton



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