“They establish a flow that carries you through the song like traveling down a river and enjoying the open landscape on both sides. Very soothing.”


I definitely could anticipate that dance rock orbits globally could really get their groove on with these dream pop rockers, magically swimming music flights here! – Forkster (Jan 16, 2015)


“There is an interesting dichotomy on this album, and though it is only an EP, Flowers from the Stars demonstrates the multi-faceted quality of this pair well. “When Stars Collide” is another energy-driven tune, utilizing a similar electropop sound as that of “Hearts Expire”. “I Am You Are” has just as much energy, but features more elements of EDM and discopop in its effort to make listeners move. And the Chris Lago radio remix is an awesome addition with its mix of dubstep and electro, a pulse-pounding close to the album.”- Sean, The Daily Album (Jan 15, 2014)

 “It’s just a little over a month ago, when I featured Canadian based As The City Rumbles Underneath for the very first time with their awesome debut single ‘Hearts Expire‘. And after listening to their EP ‘Flowers From The Stars, are they in my personal & humble opinion, the modern day Eurythmics…”- Dutch Guy, The Dutch Guy On Air (Feb 05, 2014)

“One of the best bands that we’ve played this year without any shadow of a doubt is As the City Rumbles Underneath”- Straight To Your Head Podcast (Aug 20, 2014)

“Why listen to Flowers from the Stars? Another aspect of dream pop is that it creates a mood. This EP is not something you can dance to in a club, but rather it provides something to chill out to, whether relaxing at home or on a long drive cross-country. It is soothing without simply being background noise.”- Lauren O’Halleron, Pure M Magazine (Dec 04, 2014)

Interview”- Emma Walker, Love Music Magazine (Dec 03, 2013)

“There is a composite virtue that the synthesized sound carefully takes into consideration from the offset with ‘Hearts Expire’. It inspires you further when you hear it play. The direct way that they seem to extrapolate the right calling between balance and structure here prevails. Adding to that assessment is the quickening in the pace which draws you in.”- Unsigned and Independent (Dec 04, 2014)

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